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We strive to make shopping for new carpeting easy and painless. We have a professionally trained staff with decades of experience to serve you with any project you are working on. Our partnership with Carpet Plus Color Tile allows us to offer the best product lines at the lowest prices. Because of the purchasing power, that Carpets Plus Color Tile has (over 400 Stores) we buy lower and sell lower to meet any budget for any flooring project.

Is Carpet Right For You?

Top Reasons To Consider Carpet For Your Flooring

If you are looking to either redo your flooring or considering investing in flooring for a new home, you will want to give thorough consideration to choosing carpet for your flooring. Carpet comes with its distinct advantages that make it a great alternative to other options. Below, we will be going over some of the top reasons to consider carpet for your flooring.

Better Insulation

One of the most significant advantages that carpet offers over other materials is proper insulation. With carpet, you know you are getting one of the best materials for enhanced insulation. Carpet is the single best choice to cover your floor if you are in a colder climate. Because it is capable of producing adequate insulation between the floor and your feet, it will allow you to be more comfortable in your home and even save money on your heating bill. Those that live in colder climates should be considering carpet purely for this reason alone.

Slip Resistant

Another inherent advantage that comes with carpeting is the fact that it is slip resistant. Because the surface of carpet inherently promotes friction, it is going to allow those that walk on it to gain traction even without shoes with grips on. This is very important for those that might have young kids because they tend to slip and fall all over the place. These slips and falls can end up leading to injuries and accidents. With carpet, you never have to worry about someone slipping because of slick floors. At the same time, carpeting comes with adequate absorption for proper padding in case someone does fall.

It’s More Affordable

Another significant reason it would be wise to consider carpet for your flooring is that it is still the most affordable option on the marketplace. A lot of the other popular flooring solutions are much more expensive. For example, hardwood can be significantly more of an investment to make. The price per square foot for materials and installation is likely to be much higher than it would if you were to choose carpet. While this might not seem like a huge deal if you are looking for flooring for one single room, once you start talking about multiple rooms or a very large room, the price difference can add up. This will end up causing you to spend less on your flooring which will allow you to keep more money in your pocket and allow you to have more money to spend on other areas of your home. Typically, the durable and high-quality carpet will not cost too much money which can save you a lot when it comes to picking out flooring for your home.

Reduces Noise

Another significant reason you might want to consider carpet for your choice of flooring is that it can end up providing you with excellent benefits with its ability to limit noise. If you have a lot of people in your home and you want more peace and quiet, you will benefit significantly from carpet installation because you will not hear people walking around all of the time. Instead, the carpet will insulate the noise which can keep your home a lot more peaceful.

Easy To Replace

Carpet, unlike other flooring options, can be easily replaced if need be. Some of the other flooring options that you might be tempted to go for will likely cost more and be much more difficult to pull up and replace. With carpet, all you need to do is pull out the carpet and replace it accordingly. Because other kinds of flooring material are inherently more expensive and more difficult to install, it is going to require much more work when it comes to reinstallation. Therefore, you will be stuck with the flooring choice that you go with unless you are willing to put in significant amounts of work or willing to pay someone to handle it for you.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons you are going to want to consider carpet for your home flooring. Choosing carpet for your flooring comes with many inherent advantages that you are going to be able to benefit from as a home or property owner.

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  • Ultra Touch
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Once you find the perfect match, our trained professionals can provide a measurement of your home, and then our experienced installers can install your new floor to your complete satisfaction.

More Premium Carpet Options:

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  • Velvet Plush
  • Textured Plush (Frieze)
  • Cable
  • Cut & Loop
  • Loop (Berber)
  • Pattern
  • Modular Carpet Tile

Commercial Carpeting:

  • Modular Carpet Tile
  • Cut Pile Nylon Graphics
  • Level Loop Polypropylene
  • Nylon Graphics

Padding and Cushion:

  • All installations include premium cushion at no extra charge.
  • Pet Guard Cushions prevents pets from destroying your carpets.

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